DHL FastTrack - Frequently Asked Questions

DHL FastTrack


What is DHL FastTrack?

DHL FastTrack is an online service that allows you to pay for the transportation, by DHL Express, of your passport request application from the Embassy/General Consulate in the country you reside in to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in Lebanon and your newly issued passport from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants back to the Embassy/General Consulate. FastTrack will enable you to pay for and print the required shipping documents for both sectors (from Embassy/General Consulate to Ministry and from Ministry to Embassy/General Consulate). Once you have printed the documents, take them with you to the embassy/general consulate, complete and submit your passport application.


Can't I simply take my completed passport application and bring it to my local DHL office and send it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in Lebanon?

No. Once you have completed and submitted your application it must remain within the jurisdiction of the Lebanese government and must be sent directly from the embassy/general consulate to the ministry in Lebanon and back to the embassy from which the application was filed. An additional benefit is special pricing that has been arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Lebanese expatriates.

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